A restaurant for the ages

This is a LiveJournal (aww, LJ) from back in the day that my friend Lizzie and I collaborated on (I’m maliavale), and she emailed it to me this week after a spambot found it and left her a lovely and relevant message. Behold:

in our downtime, the lovely maliavale and I have decided to open a
restaurant. the name is still up in the air, but we have decided on
many menu items, with a few assists from nabbalicious, and the theme
is very clear. see if you can figure it out!

requests are welcome. soon we will have little suggestion cards with
small pencils and checkboxes.

Fleetwood Mac & Cheese
Paul Westerburger on a Morrisseed bun with Aimee Mannonaise
Split P. Diddy Soup
Culture Club Sandwich
Grilled Cheese Incident
Beach Po’Boys
Gwen Stew-fani
Paul McCartney & Buffalo Wings

Sides will include:
Nat King Coleslaw
Bread Zeppelin
Al Green Salad

Your dessert options are currently limited to Cream Puff Daddy, Red
Velvet Elvis Cake, and - for some reason, Maliavale insists on this -
Bowl of Eminems.

and of course for beverages, or Refreshments, if you will, which we will:
Neutral Milkshake Hotel

Youngsters may order from the Destiny’s Child’s Menu. And if you come
Tuesday evening, check out the special: Three Chili Dog Night!

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